Quiet Flow PRO

Percussion Therapy Without All the Noise

At only 60 decibels, Flow can be used at home, the treatment room or even the office.

Weight Flow PRO

Lightweight yet robust...no cords, no cables

Completely hand portable - ergonomically designed for maximum controllability without being heavy.

Warranty Flow PRO

One-Year Warranty

We designed Flow to be reliable, robust and hard wearing; and we stand by our engineering.

Battery Flow PRO

Long Lasting Battery for All-Day Use

Using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, Flow has a run time of 5 to 6 hours and a charge time of just 4 hours.

Incredibly Easy Flow Head™ Replacement

Flow PRO comes with Seven interchangeable Flow Heads™ which can be changed in seconds without the need for tools or unscrewing.

Perfectly Balanced, as All Things Should Be

By housing the battery inside the grip, we have removed connection point weakness and improved stability. The central weight location creates the perfect balance and paired with the ergonomic rubber grips allows greater controllability.

Designed with Simplicity in Mind

Flow PRO has been designed to be as easy to operate as possible. The four modes; Relax, Refresh, Recharge and Flow wave can be cycled through by the press of a button until you reach your desired power level. It’s that simple to use.

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Included in the Box:

Flow PRO

High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery

Premium Carry Case

Flow Stickers

7 Flow heads™

Lithium-ion Battery A/C Wall Charger

Carry Strap

Operating Manual

Device Weight

Device Weight:

1.25kg (2.75lbs)

Vibration Frequency


10mm (0.39″)

Device Frequency


Relax – 1800rpm @ 30Hz
Refresh – 2400rpm @ 40Hz
Recharge – 3200rpm @ 53Hz
FlowWave™ – 1800 through to 3200 ∞

Device Dimensions


200mm  x 240mm  x 85mm

Stall Force

Stall Force:

60 lbs

Battery Life


4-5hrs life with typical usage
4hrs charge time 0-100%
6 x LG Lithium-ion 3200mah

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Flow Brushless Motor

Our Motor

When we set out the requirements for the Flow PRO, a significant reduction in noise and outstanding battery life were our highest priorities. To achieve this, we knew we’d have to design our own motor in-house. 

Our powerful high-torque motor is completely brushless, cutting-edge, air-cooled and uses fewer parts than other off-the-shelf alternatives.

Designed by our engineers in the UK and fabricated in Shenzhen, no other motor comes close.

Flow LG Batteries


The Flow PRO uses some of the best batteries available on the market. Six powerful 3200mah cells power the device for over four hours of usage. With a recharge time of only four hours, this really is an all-day sports massager for professionals and athletes alike.



Hammer Head:
The jack of all trades head, this head is designed for overall body treatment and larger muscles groups.

Bullet Head:
The small diameter of the bullet head makes it perfect for focused muscle treatment; to pinpoint trigger points and work them away.

Fork Head:
Perfect for the spine, lower neck and Achilles’ tendon along with major muscle groups like the calves & quadriceps. Care should be taken when using the fork head in tender areas.

Ball Head:
With forgiving high-density foam, this head is for use around bones and other sensitive areas.

Flow Pro ONE Controls


The Flow PRO is the most controllable handheld sports massager in the world, with three levels of power and our patent-pending FlowWave™ mode which was developed in conjunction with Sports Physios to provide the most effective recovery possible for athletes.

Level 1 (Relax): 1800rpm @ 30Hz
Level 2 (Refresh): 2400rpm @ 40Hz
Level 3 (Recharge): 3200rpm @ 53Hz
FlowWave™: L1 through to L3 ∞

Designed & Engineered
in the United Kingdom

Available all over the world – order your Flow PRO today from one of our official retail partners.

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Flow Sports Tech Warranty

12 months Warranty, Quality Guaranteed

We made the Flow PRO to exacting engineering specifications, using high-end components.
However, in the small chance that something goes wrong, we’ll repair or replace the device free of charge.

Flow Sports Tech Returns

We're sure you'll love Flow, but don't panic if you don't

If there is any reason you are not completely in love with your Flow PRO handheld sports massager, you have 30 days to return it for a complete refund. Learn more about our Sales & Refund policy here.