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Company Employee Values



Flow’s Company Employee Values & Equality 



Diversity and equality 

Any form of discrimination in the workspace is unacceptable from a moral and legal standpoint. Flow has taken great care in stamping out any potential inequalities in the workplace and we whole-heartedly support and actively ensure that each employee is treated fairly and equally.  We demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination and harassment.


Gender Equality 

Gender equality is a fundamental principle within Flow, we ensure that men and women are treated the same and any sort of discrimination regarding gender is not tolerated within the workspace. We strongly frown upon gender inequality, and we take major precautions to ensure we promote equality in all regards.


We value diversity within the company, with people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Having a great range of staff with different characteristics, such as gender, race, age, education, and many other attitudes is what makes us who we are. Having different perspectives and a wider talent pool increases the progression and expansion of Flow.



Employee Values 

We understand core values for a company is an essential aspect of a well-developed work environment, this document is to educate and inspire individuals both internally and externally, and to outline the values Flow believes to be the most important to promote a great work culture. 

For existing and potential employees, this document is to get everyone in the same regard on what we expect and what we value as a company and inspire individuals to evolve and excel. 


  1. Innovative

Flow values cultivating innovative company culture, everyone in the company will be trying to improve business methods, efficiency, and performance. We encourage staff to work as a team to solve problems and build new ideas and concepts for how the business can innovate and constantly improve. As a highly fast-paced company, we have many opportunities to contribute new ideas for Flow to stand out and compete. This boosts employee engagement and creates a productive workspace. 

  1. Honesty 

We value integrity and honesty in all management, employees and shareholders at Flow. Being truthful and honest in all dealings creates a well-developed and efficient company as misleading and deceiving others in the workspace will amount to ambiguity, which leads to an inefficient, unproductive work environment. We value that all employees are worthy of trust; transparency is what builds a great work community. 

  1. Passion

True happiness, enthusiasm, and a high degree of anticipation for the work at hand are all brought from passion. Being passionate about Flow as a brand is a core value as it motivates others and greats positive energy in the workspace.  Passions can bring out the best in staff as it shows their creative, hard-working and happy version of themselves, they have more loyalty to the company and develops a great work environment.

  1. Evolve

The Flow work community should always be seeking a way to improve and constantly educate themselves. We value people at Flow who has the urge to constantly evolve and to develop personally and professionally.  Flow is lucky to have employees with a growth mindset and is eager to learn, this is a core value we look for in potential employees. Flow facilitates employees learning processes, by funding courses and purchasing books for all employees. 

  1. Make Mistakes

Mistakes force us to consider alternative ideas, how we can improve and evolve. They force us to reconsider a problem and think creatively about other answers or methods. Making mistakes teaches us what doesn't work and motivates us to develop new ways of thinking and acting. We are open to mistakes in the workspace as we believe that it is a principle to grow as individuals and as a business. 

  1. Community

A huge aspect of working with Flow is teamwork, collaborating with colleagues is an essential part of our business, we all work towards the companies goals together as a team. We ensure that all employees successfully communicate together and build work relationships to make Flow a positive and friendly place to work. 

  1. Hard work

We value employees with a good work ethic, putting yourself aside to work towards the greater good of the company as a whole, and putting in the maximum effort. . Being goal-oriented, enthusiastic and productive will bring us steps closer to our company purpose. We value employees who bring high standards of work to our business. 

  1. Positivity 

As a start-up business, we have a close, familial atmosphere. We value all employees to have a positive attitude and are willing to help others out. Positive thinking correlates to optimum performance. Positivity boosts your energy levels, making Flow a happy and productive workspace and also makes you more attentive and capable of handling your responsibilities. Positivity is what we value intensely as a company. 








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