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Compact. Portable. Powerful. Say hello to our newest device: the Flow NANO

The world's first to combine both heat and vibration in one device. It's the ultimate recovery tool.

RRP £119.99.

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Choose between Arctic White or Graphite Grey.

Deep tissue massage, tried, tested and trusted by athletes globally: the Flow MINI.

Lightweight and powerful, the MINI is perfect for post-workout recovery.

RRP £159.99.

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Choose between Neon Blue or Hot Pink.

"I have a Flow device already and love it- so I was excited to try the NANO.

I can take it anywhere and the heat therapy element adds another dimension to my recovery"

Benefits of heat therapy:

Stimulates blood flow

Eases tight muscles

Reduces back and joint pain

Promotes relaxation

"I often use the Flow MINI both before and after a workout.

The blood circulation is promoted and the muscles immediately feel more relaxed. Especially when physiotherapy is not possible, it is really perfect."

Natalie Geisenberger
2x Olympic Champion, 9x World Champion, 6x European Champion, 8x World Cup Winner

Why choose Flow?

Designed in the UK  

Our massagers have been thoughtfully designed by UK Engineers, Physiotherapists & Elite Level Athletes- to create the most effective Recovery tools to save you time and money

Superb quality

We design and manufacture our products in house, and so we are able back the build quality of every single device. Each product comes with a 2-year warranty as a clear sign of this commitment.

Made with Passion

Every Flow device is made in our own factory, meaning we know exactly where our products have came from and the conditions that they were made under, as well as removing any middle-man costs that you are paying for with other brands.

Our vision

Recovery is too often neglected, or brushed aside as something that only elite athletes need to worry about. This results in time and money being spent on physiotherapist appointments, when it needn't be that way.  

At Flow, we want to give everyone - from elite athletes and physiotherapists to anyone suffering from aches and pains- access to effective, high-quality & affordable recovery tools that stand the test of time.

A massage gun can achieve everything that a hands-on massage would, at a fraction of the time. Since Flow began in 2018, our products have helped over 150,000 people to find their flow, and that number is growing daily.

We’re proud of the quality we’ve become known for, and the customers that we have helped with our products.

Have a very Merry

From everyone at Flow